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Recently, Shanghai Stock Exchange released the evaluation results of information disclosure work of Shanghai Listed companies in 2020 -- 2021. With steady business performance, standard company operation, high quality information disclosure and good investor relationship management level, It has been awarded the highest grade assessment and evaluation of "A" class of annual information disclosure for four consecutive years.
According to the results released, A total of 1,574 Shanghai-listed companies participated in the evaluation, of which 307 companies, accounting for 19.5%, received the "A" rating. A total of 5 coastal port listed companies won the award.
It is reported that since the implementation of the "Evaluation Measures on Information Disclosure of Listed Companies" by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the information disclosure of listed companies will be comprehensively evaluated every year, and the evaluation results are divided into four regulatory categories: A, B, C and D. Category A represents the highest evaluation of the information disclosure of listed companies by the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
According to the relevant provisions of "Implementation Plan of Merger and Acquisition Review Lane System" of China Securities Regulatory Commission, listed companies whose information disclosure and standard operation evaluation are classified as class A companies can enjoy exemption/rapid audit when undertaking merger and reorganization, which will provide A strong guarantee for the future refinancing of listed companies.

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