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Development history

On Nov 7,2007, Rizhao Kingda Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded.
On Dec 3,2008, Rizhao Kingda passed the appraisal of construction of 25,000 tons and below ships and Shore repair and modification capacity of 200,000 tons and below ships by the Qingdao Branch of CCS.

On March 19,2009, Trial operation
On January 25,2010, the "Qualification Certificate for Fishing Vessel Construction- was obtained.
On March 26,2010, Won the first overseas shipbuilding contract of the 59M multi-purpose offshore supply vessel with Singapore Falcon Energy Group Limited.
On May 31,2010, Quality system certification was obtained.
On June 26,2010, the CCS certificate was obtained and Welding Examination Committee of Rlzhao Klngda was established.
On May 1,2011, signed a contract for the construction of ten 4100T product oil tankers with Shenzhen Brightoil Petroleum (Holdings) Co., Ltd.
On October 28,2011, passed the evaluation and reexamination for production conditions of Grade-I Class III steel general ships by Shandong Provincial Defense Science and Technology Office.
On March 21,2012, the first oversea 59M multi-purpose supply vessel was delivered.
On March 18,2013, one 5000KW full-rotary tugboat began to build.
On January 22,2014,the first 4100T product oil tanker was delivered.
On October 28,2014, one 2500T lifting floating dock began to build.
On April 26,2015, the 3676KW oil spilling recovery ship began to build.
On April 8,2016, “Shangong No.1" , the independently developed and built 42m levering dredger was delivered.
On November 17,2016, the maintenance and reconstruction of National Scientific Research Ship_ 'XiangYangHong 06, was completed, realizing the functions of unmanned engine room and DP1 dynamic positioning, and newly adding multi-beam system and retractable fin stabilizer, double-twist thruster and shaft beK. gensiator.
On December 27,2016, the design quallflcatton of fishing vessels was obtedned.
On March 3,2017. Rizhao Port Industry Co., Ltd.(RPIC) was established, and Rizhao Kingda Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. became one subsidiary company of RPIC.
On April 1,2017 B the large offshore vessel一一5500 backhoe dredger started to work.
On October 31,2017, We obtained the design and construction qualification of the marine ranch platform, and became the second company in Shandong Province that was registered by the Ministry of Agriculture.
On August 2018, Rizhao Klngda was named as "R&D and Manufacturing Base for Marine Ranching Platform In Shandong Province" by Shandong Provincial Oceanic Administration.
On October 3,2018, "Blue sea No.11—the first marine ranching platform of Rizhao City was successfully delivered.

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