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Rizhao Kingda Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is one subsidiary company of Shandong Port Equipment Group-Rizhao Company with a registered capital of 75 million yuan. The company has the production qualification of class I and class n steel general ships and class I steel fishing boats, the design qualification of class B steel fishing ships and the design and construction qualification of marine fishing platforms. It is a national high and new technology enterprise, an oceanic ranch platform R&D and manufacturing base in Shandong province, and it is also rewarded ad the Shandong ocean sensors in situ engineering technology of collaborative innovation center, the civil-military integration unit of Shandong province, Rizhao Marine equipment engineering technology research center and Rizhao enterprise technology center. The main business scope of the company includes shipbuilding business, offshore platform design and construction, facility design and installation; ship repair business; old ship transformation and maintenance; marine machinery manufacturing; steel structure engineering; trade agent with self-operated import and export rights.
The factory area of the company covers an area of 150,000 square meters, with 600m wharf shoreline and more than 80 sets of special equipment and facilities for ship manufacturing, such as 30000 DWT dry dock, 2500t floating dock, 210m x 27m slipway, 300t gantry crane, 200t hydraulic flat car, etc. Equipped with the annual production capacity of building 30 ships of 30,000 tons and below, and repairing 30 ships of 200,000 tons and below, we have acquired the certifications of quality, environment and occupational health and safety system, and the certifications from the CCS, GL.BV and ABS Classification Society.
With the advantages of integration, blending and coupling of the Shandong Port Group, Rizhao Kingda Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd has continuously developed internal and external markets, carried out diversified operations, built and maintained more than 300 ships of various types, and contracted port machinery manufacturing projects such as stacker-reclaimer manufacturing. In terms of shipbuilding business, the company has experience in building offshore platform service vessels, oil spill disposal vessels, dredgers, product oil tankers, bulk carriers, anchor boats, self-propelled deck barges, offshore protection platforms and offshore engineering vessels, and has undertaken more than 20 offshore tugs, port tugs, fire-fighting tugs, etc. In terms of ship maintenance business, the company has repaired and renovated various kinds of ships, such as Dayang-1, XiangV^ng Hong 06, Xiang 岐ng Hong 09, marine surveillance ship, marine police ship, hovercraft, floating dock, deck barge, floating crane ship, pile driving ship, port tugboat, breeding boat, etc. And as to the marine equipment business, the company seizes the important opportunity of 'marine granary* and the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, develops and rebuilds the country's first breeding ship, designs high-end fishery equipment such as column stable breeding platform and unmanned large bottom sitting offshore intelligent cage, and builds more than 10 mariculture platforms. Among them, the far-reaching marine intelligent cage project successfully passed the Evaluation and implementation of large science and technology development projects in Shandong province in 2019.

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